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Recently a tragic accident on William Nicol Drive (outside Dainfern Square) has left one family without their 7 year old daughter and another with their 5 year old son fighting for his life.

taxi accident

The two young children were were walking with a lady,  seven year-old  Thandolwethu and five-year old Lebo (a family friend). They had gone to the shops to select a birthday gift for Thandolwethu who was turning 7 at the end of the month. They dashed across the road in a dark area beyond Dainfern Square and were hit by a taxi. The woman and Thandolwethu were killed instantly and little Lebo survived but received head and facial injuries.

Completely unaware of the accident Alfred, Thandolwethu’s father, was walking along William Nicol from work to meet them all, only to arrive at the scene and witness the aftermath of the accident. (An off-duty medic had seen the accident and quickly arranged to get the helicopter and medics to attend to the victims). One can barely imagine the trauma he went through witnessing this very sad scenario, and to see little Lebo in such a terrible state. Lebo’s father and his wife are also employed at the same place as Alfred.  They are going through an incredibly stressful and emotionally-draining time with daily visits to see their son.  This has put a big strain on them both emotionally and financially.

Thandolwethu’s and Lebo’s parents will need ongoing therapy, as will Lebo who will need physio and other medical treatment going forward.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to these two brave families – we send them love and healing during this time.



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Dayle White December 20, 2018
Kyla Mills November 13, 2018

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    This is very sad. The loss of a human life is a tragedy especially two children who are just beginning their lives. There are so many issues that are wrong here. The Taxi driver had right of way as he was driving on a road, but who knows how fast and was he in the right lane, and the woman who is supposed to have been responsible for these 2 children was not crossing at the right intersection. Firstly, they should not have gone shopping for a birthday gift at night time. Secondly they should not have crossed the road in peak traffic. Thirdly, I feel this woman was negligent to have gone out with two small children when it was already nightfall. What was she thinking? She had a responsibility to take care of the children. She made a judgement call and it cost them their lives. Unnecessary, loss of life that can never be recovered. My heart aches for the parents and for Lebo. Just at the wrong place at the wrong time and the father’s earlier (a few minutes) arrival could have prevented it from happening. What will be will be. I don’t believe that God wanted that young life to be snatched away so soon. He wants people to leave this planet by natural causes like old age, not through accidents caused by humans.

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