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The Thingymaboob keyring aims to highlight the importance of clinical breast exams before lumps get too big and can only then be felt by ones own hand.  Being aware of what is normal for your breasts can help you notice any changes.

Our keyrings and other products are all made locally by Breast Cancer Survivors. Please help us to spread the word.


The Breast Health Foundation

byBreast Health Foundation

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Cape Town, South Africa

Breast Health Foundation

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Breast Health Foundation
Cape Town, South Africa
6 Campaigns | 0 Loved campaigns

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The Breast Health Foundation, a Not for Profit Company, was established in April 2002 in conjunction with several companies and organisations to educate the public on breast cancer and breast health, increase awareness and empower women.


Every Single Campaign Counts


The Breast Health Foundation’s vision is “to redefine the face of breast cancer as perceived by South Africans in general and promoting a positive mindset of survival, recovery and quality of life”.


We aim at reaching people of all ages, race and gender, because cancer does not discriminate.


The Breast Health Foundation has over the years focused on expanding their reach. Which is why in the 14 years of our existence we have established our education and counselling programs in three provinces and offer a national telephonic support system.



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